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We put the Man and his health at the center of our activities!

Equipments and cosmeceutical solutions intended for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and professional beauty.

The company was founded in 1999 by an idea of its founder Roberto Marti, with the industrial aim to design, develop, engineer and market electromedical, electro-aesthetic equipments and cosmeceutical solutions intended for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and professional beauty.

In 2004 became into public company and moves into new headquarters in a complex consisting of two blocks, on a single floor, designed by Guido, in the new industrial area of Sannicola, 10 minutes from the city of Lecce (Italy).

Since the beginning we have placed the man and his health at the center of our activities!

Investing resources and expertise in research and testing, standing out for dynamic, market adaptability and development of partnerships at national and international level.

the dermocosmetics BELNATUR

Belnatur cosmetic lines are based on the active ingredients of plant extracts and marine mud baths and essential oils, real natural concentrates. The naturalness, the plant and marine products are the basis of the methodical Belnatur, make the effectiveness and safety. The safety and the results are a fact played in 40 countries in the world, the result of research and experimentation on the natural, made available to beauty professionals.

Cosmetic references that make up the Belnaturlist guarantee of versatility, the exaltation of professional skills, constant overcoming stagnation results. In any specific line of our offer is a clear scientific path performed by our laboratory, physiological origin of the imperfection to the identification of the possible solutions in treatments and active ingredients.

BELNATUR face line

responds in a scientifically effective at every aesthetic need, solving the problems according to a well-defined method, set up to be versatile tool in the hands of a professional.

Composed of basic lines and special lines, the latter represent the cutting edge in research effectiveness through active plant. The multifactorial expressed coordinated use of assets makes the result physiological and therefore maximum aesthetic and reproducible, according to certain strategies in theory and validated by experiments carried out in the Belnatur laboratories. The special lines respond to the maximum in the field of natural cosmetics, able to intervene in detail in every situation of aesthetic imbalance, either in the evolution of the chronological skin aging, which in the case of external factors that involve, smoking, stress.

glycofruìtessential line

BELNATUR body lines

are designed to treat cellulite, tone the tissues, recover the compactness and flexibility of the skin, with the efficacy and safety of natural products.Effectiveness and pleasantness marry in texture smooth and easy stendibili, containing active easily conveyable, characterized by delicate fragrances.

Density and smoothness are designed to wrap the body in a subtle tactile pleasure can make comfortable the extreme effectiveness. The study of the active components and their formulation follows a logic based on clear scientific physiological patterns related to the formation of blemishes. This approach makes Belnatur body line a safe choice for reliable results.

glycofruìtessential line


are the result of an important team work that involves, for each specific project, figures with varying expertise, both internal and external to the company. Isopharma employs designers and engineers specialized in the field of biomedical and electroesthetic devices, experts in industrial design and engineering, to medical, scientific and technical.

BuyDERMOSISTEMI® technology means investing on certainties, from the professional and economic results, until the transfer of know-how to complete by the professional. Training on theoretical principles, application training, sales training, are the most important reason of the success of those who choose our equipment.

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Allestimenti Termali mySpa

MySPA is the space where, in the group Isopharma Cosmetics, you can find well-being, relaxation, charm, style in every form of expression. Reeling, pleasantly embraced by a creative experience of places, images, sensations. The excitement of building a reality of an idea, an intuition, achieve excellence grabbing dreams, urges, expectations to make concrete.

This is the path that we propose to do together, given to us your dream, we will repay you with a reality that reflects.

Why the name MYSPA?

Why build the SPA that everyone can feel like their.

It's a brand, a way of thinking, a way to apply, a way of being, a result to be achieved through careful standardization, is a set of products that affect my, my, your, our way of being okay.

Why choose MySpa?

To access a new market by innovating science and marketing in the proposal.

mySPA® anticipates the market creating a new trend, becoming a reference when even the new scope has none.You innovation in offering built to generate, collect and consolidate, a customer base that the condition of generalized stress, widens every day.

Invest in a SPA?

mySPA® analyzes the market and guide you to optimizing your investment, making Your idea functional and profitable. Gives planning and consulting included in the package.

You mySPA® provides comprehensive advice in the projection, analysis, economic evaluation about your investment. The definition of the overall budget is derived from the development of different sectors and the balance between them. Amount, method and timing relative to the commitment of resources, are structured with precision based on the achievement of predetermined step-goal.

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